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Shepherd Realty Group is a real estate agency in Riverside, California dedicated to serving its clients throughout the Inland Empire with exceptional real estate service. If you are a home buyer looking to buy a home, browse through our list of beautiful residential properties which can be found on our Homes for Sale database. If you are a homeowner looking to put your property on the market, please take a look at the information we have for sellers, and contact us with any questions you may have or if you are ready to put your property up for sale. Furthermore, if you are looking to rent out your property, Sheperd Realty Group also offers exceptional Property Management in Riverside.

Shepherd Realty Group is a very special and different type of organization. It’s more than just another local small business, with a bunch of people running around selling real estate. It truly is a quality company. You are probably thinking “Well that’s great, but what does that mean? Why do I care if you have a quality company?” Well, because when you think about it, all a service company can offer any customer is an experience.

Is your experience of buying or selling a home or other property going to be a good or bad experience? The answer is largely determined by whether or not you do business with a quality company. So, your next question is probably “What makes Shepherd Realty Group a quality company?”

Quality Real Estate Service from Riverside Real Estate Experts

  1. Shepherd Realty Group lives and values a high standard of honesty, integrity and always doing the right thing.
  2. Shepherd Realty Group endorses the philosophy of always focusing on the customer & client first by going “a step beyond.”
  3. Shepherd Realty Group is innovative and ahead of the curve on technology. That creates success for customers, clients and employees.
  4. Shepherd Realty Group is full service and makes all of our services available to everyone.
  5. Shepherd Realty Group has market success, which translates to success for customers and clients.
  6. Shepherd Realty Group has strong, proactive, reliable, caring and visionary leadership which is a critical component for current and future success of everyone.
  7. Shepherd Realty Group has stability. We provide stability not only in good times but also for you in challenging times.
  8. Shepherd Realty Group has true business systems. Systems that save time, make doing business easier and help your transaction go smoother.
  9. Shepherd Realty Group gives back to the community because it strongly believes it is an important part of doing business in the community.

So now your final question: what does this all mean?

It means that SRG is a quality company who partners with its people to assure the highest quality service and to provide an environment for everyone to get what they want out of every transaction. If you feel you are ready to work with a quality company please speak with us today.

Different isn’t always better, but better is always different.

Call us today and find out why we’re better.

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